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For example, in the town of Quillabamba, native political organizers from an Indian federation called COMARU were openly given rides in government vehicles.

On June 11, a truck bearing a regional government seal carried native protesters to a planning meeting near the Urubamba River town of Ivochote in southeastern Peru.

Prohibited by a pending state of emergency, the meeting was held in a remote building where participants laid plans to take over a pumping facility on a natural-gas pipeline on June 15. The action was canceled at the last minute owing to progress in government negotiations.

The mayor of Convencion, which receives millions of dollars in royalties from the U.S.-backed Camisea Natural Gas Project, is a Humala loyalist named Hernan de la Torre. Mr. la Torre did not show up at a scheduled interview this month and failed to answer questions left on his voicemail about the government vehicles.