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Evidence includes five months of taped conversations between Ms. Mody and Mr. Jefferson that will be played during the monthlong trial for the 12 people and four alternates on the jury.

In these tapes, Mr. Jefferson makes comments that the defense calls “stupid” and “unethical” but not incriminating in regard to accepting the $100,000.

Mr. Trout also told the jury that members of the Jefferson family had financial interests in parts of Africa in which the congressman was advocating business deals.

Also Tuesday, the prosecution called its first witness to the stand. Vernon Jackson pleaded guilty in May 2006 to bribing Mr. Jefferson with more than $400,000 in money and company stock to promote iGate, his broadband technology company, in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.

Mr. Jackson’s testimony included his networking with Mr. Jefferson, whose African connections he said could promote minority business and bridge the “digital divide,” making technology available to poorer African countries.

It has not been determined whether Mr. Jefferson will take the stand in his own defense.