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There is a cold war heating up in the Middle East and Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states on one side, and Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and, provisionally, Syria, on the other. This is a unique time for the Middle East.

The threat facing the moderate regimes and those on the bubble is stark. The danger is not Israel or false tensions concocted in Arab capitals over Palestine, which Arabs have stiff-armed for more than 60 years. No, the threat to all comes from Iran, and if we are lucky, and the president does what’s right, he will tell them that, too.

The president’s address in Cairo puts America’s credibility at stake. Using Israel as coin to buy Arab respect will not pay off. Speaking the truth will. America’s friendship and respect are indeed possible, if Muslim leaders offer us, and their own people, the same. Now, that is the truth.

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