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Meanwhile, the nation now recognizes May 25, the day Etan disappeared, as National Missing Children’s Day. Stores all over America know that when a “Code Adam” is sounded, security guards lock the exits and look for a child reported missing in the store.

Communities must be notified when sex offenders move in, thanks to “Megan’s Law,” named for Megan Kanka, 7, who was raped and murdered by a convicted pedophile. All states must have sex-offender registries, thanks to a 1994 federal law named for Jacob Wetterling, an 11-year-old who was kidnapped on a Minnesota road and hasn’t been seen since.

Jimmy Ryce, a 9-year-old Florida boy who was abducted, raped and shot when he tried to escape his attacker, is memorialized with a NCMEC law-enforcement training center.

And around America, everyone knows when they see an “Amber Alert,” a child has been kidnapped. Sadly, the monster who captured and killed Amber Hagerman, the 9-year-old Texas girl who inspired the emergency response, is still unidentified.

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