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The economy may make a comeback of sorts in 2010, but it probably will be in the recovery stages for some time to come. This means the economy will need all its oars in the water pulling at the same time. That means lower tax rates across the board and postponing any large, costly social programs like health-care reform until the economy is on solid footing.

Even Democrats in Congress complain about Mr. Obama’s budget proposals.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, North Dakota Democrat, has been one of the chief complainers. “I am concerned about the long-term buildup of debt,” he said last week. He also doesn’t like some of the president’s tax increases on wealthier Americans such as cutbacks for tax deductions for charitable contributions. “I would put that high on the list of things that will be given a thorough scrubbing and may well not survive.”

So it’s not just Wall Street that has given Mr. Obama’s economic policies a huge vote of no confidence. Democrats have their doubts, too.

Donald Lambro, chief political correspondent of The Washington Times, is a nationally syndicated columnist.