- The Washington Times - Saturday, March 14, 2009


It was a win for the good guys.

The withdrawal of Charles W. Freeman as chairman of the National Intelligence Council is an important victory for the cause of fairness and true national security. Kudos go to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, Connecticut independent, for his persuasive and clear attack on the true behavior and attendant denial of his taut radical ideology.

Mr. Freeman’s venomous and scalding attack on the senators who took him to task is consistent with his blend of melancholic and mean-spirited assault on the forces of freedom.

From his outrageous disdain for the brave souls at Tiananmen Square - none of which, despite his disclaimer, was either “taken out of context” or “misquoted” - to his anti-Semitic rants, it all adds up to a wrong-footed soul.

By standing up to another of the radical ideological nominees of President Obama, both sides of the aisle are sending the right message to the Oval Office: “Move back to center if you want to hold the country behind you.”

As for the cowardly Mr. Freeman and his myopic supporters like National Intelligence Director Dennis C. Blair, you intimidate no one and, like all forces of illiberalism, you will be defeated.





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