- The Washington Times - Sunday, March 22, 2009


The Washington Times reported that President Obama said taxing the rich “allows us to pay for health care reform for a lot of people” (“Obama assures town hall rich ‘can afford’ tax hike,” Nation, Thursday). Earlier, during his campaign for president, Mr. Obama was confronted with the fact that tax cuts during the Kennedy, Reagan and George W. Bush administrations resulted in more revenue than what was expected to be brought in from a higher tax rate. (Never mind what the “computer models” said.)

The implication is that a tax increase would bring in less - rather than more - revenue. Mr. Obama’s response, then, was not to dispute those facts but instead to argue that the higher tax was a matter of “fairness.”

So, which is it? It appears that the prudent approach for Mr. Obama would be first to resolve this apparent conflict.





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