- The Washington Times - Friday, May 15, 2009


Britain’s environment minister fears the world faces doom from drought, starvation, pollution, overpopulation and global warming unless immediate steps are taken to save the planet.

“Change is coming,” Hilary Benn said Thursday, referring to climate change. “We must adapt. … The time to meet the challenges is now.”

“These threats are real, immediate and will affect us all,” Mr. Benn, secretary for environment, food and rural affairs in the British Labor government, added in remarks at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington.

Mr. Benn warned of a population explosion that will expand the world’s 6 billion inhabitants to more than 9 billion by 2050.

“Nine billion people living on this small and fragile planet of ours,” he said.

Despite his doomsaying, Mr. Benn did not despair. He believes governments can save the planet through carbon taxes, wind and solar power, energy-efficient buildings and vehicles, and better farming and pollution controls in the Third World.

“We need an agricultural revolution,” he said.

Mr. Benn noted improvements in places such as China, where the government is paying farmers to grow more wheat and less rice, which requires more water. China also is creating massive canals to channel water to farmland.

Britain, he said, created a fund that is already financing about 600 projects in 100 countries.

Mr. Benn’s solutions include: “living within our environmental means,” building a “green economy,” also “creating incentives to make investments” in green projects, “lowering our carbon footprint” and bringing “the world together to deal” with food and water shortages.

Most of all, he added, “we need America to apply all of its great energy” to help solve the global environmental threats.

Praising President Obama, Mr. Benn added, “The message we hear loud and clear is that America is back.”


Four retired U.S. ambassadors who served in the Middle East are urging President Obama to promote their five-point peace plan when he meets Arab and Israeli leaders over the next two weeks.

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