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“What if Dick Cheney is right?” — Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen.

“A lot of Republicans probably wish Cheney was secured in an undisclosed location right about now.” — TruTV analyst Lisa Bloom.

“My dog is smarter than Bo.” — Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., to the students of Bellevue Elementary School in Syracuse.

Michelle Obama’s ‘Mom-in-Chief’ image was created more by Obama image-maker David Axelrod to soften her into a first lady Americans could love.” — Bonnie Erbe in U.S. News & World Report.

By the numbers

59 percent of Americans approve of President Obama’s decision to send additional troops to Afghanistan.

68 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of Democrats agree with the decision.

17 percent of Americans are confident U.S. policies in Afghanistan will succeed, 40 percent are not confident and 32 percent are unsure.

12 percent say the situation in Afghanistan is getting better, 28 percent say it’s getting worse.

46 percent say there has been “no real change,” 16 percent are unsure.

13 percent said the situation in Afghanistan will be better for U.S. troops than Iraq, 39 percent said it would be the same, 30 percent said it would be worse.

Source: A Harris Poll of 2,401 adults conducted April 13 to 21.

Days of yore

On this day in 1881, Frederick Douglass — the “Lion of Anacostia” — was appointed recorder of deeds for the city of Washington at age 63, after an illustrious career as abolitionist, diplomat and orator.

Everyone get out and jitterbug at some point today, which marks a momentous time for the Memphis Belle. On this day in 1943, the intrepid crew of this marvelous B-17 bomber became the first of its kind to complete 25 missions over Europe.

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