- The Washington Times - Sunday, May 3, 2009


Contrary to your April 23 editorial “The toxin trade,” Ipsen Ltd. shares your concerns about the importance of controlling the spread of biological weapons and is not in any way involved in supporting them.

Ipsen has never sold “raw botulinum toxin” to the University of Tehran, the Pasteur Institute of Iran or any other location in Iran or elsewhere. Ipsen manufactures and markets a physician-directed prescription botulinum toxin type-A pharmaceutical product used to treat a range of life-debilitating dystonic conditions in adults and children and for aesthetic conditions.

The medical therapy has marketing authorizations in more than 70 countries and has been used for patient care in the United Kingdom since 1991. The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing it for approval in the United States. The United Kingdom has approved the lawful shipment of this medicine from there to an Iranian third-party distributor of medical products. This prescription product is a different form from the low-grade version noted in your editorial. Other botulinum toxin type-A pharmaceutical products, such as Botox, have been sold around the world commercially since at least 1994.

Ipsen is fully committed to patient care, public safety and ethical behavior. Based on peer-reviewed science and ongoing regulatory oversight, the company looks forward to bringing a new prescription botulinum product, in full alignment with the FDA, to those in medical need.


Director, public affairs and corporate communications

Ipsen Ltd.




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