- The Washington Times - Thursday, May 7, 2009


Oliver North takes the Obama administration to task for purportedly lying to the American people (“Lie to Me,” Opinion, Sunday). Mr. North begins his screed by accusing the administration and the media of milking a crisis by labeling the swine flu a “possible pandemic.” In reality, it was the World Health Organization, the international body tasked with dealing with such an outbreak, that elevated the H1N1 threat to level 5 while warning of a possible pandemic.

Mr. North goes on to rail against the adoption of President Obama’s budget. The fact is that President George W. Bush kept the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars off budget. In effect, they didn’t exist. Now Mr. Obama has included them in his budget, and not surprisingly, those very real expenses have added to our national deficit. Does Mr. North really mean to insinuate that hiding a cost is honorable but that making it transparent is lying?

No doubt there will always be column space and air time for Mr. North at right-leaning media outlets, but he needs to choose his words a bit more carefully. Being called a liar by Mr. North is like being called unpatriotic by Benedict Arnold.





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