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Scout 1, Union 0

We reported in this space last week about a Service Employees International Union branch that had threatened to sue to stop an Allentown, Pa., Boy Scout from cleaning up a park pathway.

Michelle Malkin, who devoted her syndicated column to the fracas, updated her popular conservative site by noting victory for 17-year-old Scout Kevin Anderson, as Nick Balzano and seven other local SEIU executive officers resigned.

Mr. Balzano had threatened at a recent Allentown City Council meeting to file a grievance over the aspiring Eagle Scout’s putting in more than 200 hours of volunteer work to clear a walking path in an eastern Allentown park for his Eagle service project. He also said the union would “be looking into” the Scout.

“Three days of taking body blows nationally from conservative pundits, a rebuke from the Lehigh Valley’s congressman and even a lashing from his own union led Balzano to voluntarily resign his position Thursday as head of the local Service Employees International Union,” the Allentown Morning Call reported, adding that Mr. Balzano said, “I am proud of the work I and the rest of the executive board have done over the years.”

Conservative bloggers spent the weekend crowing.

“Looks [like] the utter arrogance of the local SEIU President, Nick Balzano, has done him in … Will Eagle Scout Anderson get an ‘SEIU Hunting’ badge, or Balzano a ‘Dope of the Week’ award?” Skip Murphy “wondered” at his site Granite Grok.

“The thuggery of Chairman Zero’s union cronies has blown up in their troglodyte faces,” wrote Van Helsing at Moonbattery. “It’s a start.”

‘The Thrill is Gone’

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was one of the first of the punditocracy to go head over heels for Barack Obama — the notorious quote was “I felt this thrill going up my leg.”

However, several bloggers — on the left and the right — noted the first signs of a cramp last week.

“On ‘The Chris Matthews Show’ Matthews broke the cardinal rule of speaking about the Obamamessiah … he actually compared Obama to Jimmy Carter. … It’s an unbelievable occurrence when the liberal MSM actually reports on Obama’s short comings and in this case his recent ‘Carteresque’ mistakes like bowing to the Emperor of Japan, having terrorists tried in NYC and going to Asia and getting nada back in return,” wrote conservative blogger Scared Monkeys.

And while the left-leaning Huffington Post put a different spin on Mr. Matthews’ words Friday on “Hardball” — saying the host “took a page out of Dick Cheney’s book and accused the president of ‘dithering’ over Afghanistan” — the same trend was noted.

“‘President Obama has his chin out on just about every hot issue out there. Health care. Terror trials. Job losses.’ Matthews began. He then launched a series of aggressive questions going after many of the president’s recent decisions. ‘Is he just too darned intellectual? Too much the egghead? Why did he bow to that Japanese emperor? Why did he pick Tim Geithner to be his economic front-man? Why all this dithering over Afghanistan? And who thought it was a wonderful idea to bring the killers of 9/11 to New York City, the media capital of the world, so they could tell their story?’” HuffPo wrote.

Iran vs. Marines

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