- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We like to get our political wisdom from a variety of places. With that in mind, we queried Curtis Lovell II - a Los Angeles-based escape artist and magician - for his advice to politicians who have, uh, gotten themselves into a bind. Keep in mind, Mr. Lovell has been buried alive, shackled and dropped into the Singapore River and once sawed Paris Hilton in half. So he ought to know.

“How should Republicans and Democrats escape from the tight fixes they get into? I have been accused of being double-jointed or having bones removed to achieve some of my escapes. Similarly, I think that Republicans and Democrats might have double-jointed tongues, telling us one thing and doing another,” Mr. Lovell tells Inside the Beltway.

“They should stop stretching the truth and using tricky-tongue speeches. Tell the American people the truth. As a nation, we tend to bond together in troubled times if we understand the nature of our problems,” he continues. “Politicians: Put your backbone back in and stand up for what is right and admit what is not right within your own parties.”

Mr. Lovell does not advocate throwing lawmakers overboard, though.

“Our politicians should realize that both parties should work together to achieve their common interest: the survival of the United States,” Mr. Lovell concludes.


Indigenous peoples? Native Americans? Some people are very cautious about such labels in this excruciatingly PC era. But there’s some evidence that the lexicon is evolving in the White House.

“I look forward to hearing directly from the leaders in Indian country about what my administration can do to not only meet their needs, but help improve their lives and the lives of their peoples,” President Obama said Monday, announcing that he would host the White House Tribal Nations Conference on Nov. 5.

The event will include one leader from each of the country’s 564 “federally recognized tribes.”

“This conference will serve as part of the ongoing and important consultation process that I value, and further strengthen the nation-to-nation relationship,” Mr. Obama said.


The loudest gadfly of the Clinton era has a new book out Tuesday. Larry Klayman - founder of Judicial Watch, emperor of Freedom of Information Act requests and a former U.S. Senate hopeful - has penned “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment,” now in major bookstores despite the title, which almost didn’t make it into this paper.

“Well, that ‘w’ word is in the Bible, so people can’t get too offended. And guess what? My next book will be called ‘Screwed.’ You think I’m kidding? It’s about the legal profession, and may require 20 volumes,” Mr. Klayman tells Beltway in his best waggish mode, perhaps reflective of his recent foray into stand-up comedy.

And not for laughs, he has also served IranianPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with a $10 billion class-action complaint filed on behalf of “all oppressed, tortured and murdered Iranians seeking freedom,” delivered to the leader via a “Middle Eastern” journalist in late September.

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