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What happened: Collins’ third drive stalled after a false start penalty on third-and-6, and the Redskins were forced to punt again. Haynesworth continued to harass Cassel as his pressure forced an incomplete pass on the Chiefs’ subsequent drive. After Stephon Heyer was beaten, leading to a sack on third down, the Redskins’ special teams made a mistake for the second straight week when Glenn Pakulak’s punt was blocked. After Washington was inside the 5-yard line, Ladell Betts came up just short on third down, forcing yet another Pakulak punt. A 15-yard face-mask penalty gave the Chiefs great field position at the Washington 36, and they turned it into a third field goal. A botched snap on third down ended the Redskins’ drive and for the third time this quarter the special teams broke down, allowing a long punt return. Kansas City burned some clock before its fourth field goal, then fittingly ended the Redskins’ chances with a safety.

Analysis: Welcome to rock bottom. The switch from Campbell to Collins accomplished virtually nothing, with only one long pass to Moss to show for it in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was a virtual replay of the first half with no rhythm on offense and nowhere for Portis to run. On the bright side, Zorn hadn’t wasted all of his timeouts before the final two minutes. Unfortunately for him, he may have learned his lesson too late.


0 First downs for the Redskins in the fourth quarter.