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The National Campaign to Close Guantanamo, lead by retired Gens. Robert Gard and John Johns, said the base has been al Qaeda’s biggest recruitment tool and will remain such until it is shut down. Enhanced interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, were suspended at Guantanamo in 2003. President Obama has pledged to close the camp.

“The torture that went on there is disgraceful and puts our troops at risk every day,” Mr. Gard said. “I sympathize for the musicians whose music was used without their knowledge as part of the Bush administration’s misguided policies.”

Others weren’t so sympathetic.

“It’s almost laughable to think that heavy metal bands like Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against the Machine have a moral authority on national security issues,” Mrs. Burlingame said.

“They’re worried about torture of hard-core terrorists? This is really something I would expect to read in the Onion.”