Tom Knott: Redskins’ stoutest line is the punch

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Jim Zorn is mostly down to challenging the ruling on the field. That means he gets to toss the red flag in the vicinity of a referee.

That is subject to change in the mad, mad football world of Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato.

To those who say the Redskins have become the Raiders of the East, that is not fair to Zorn. At least he has not beaten up one of his assistant coaches.

If he ever decides to wring Cerrato’s neck, he will have to get in the back of an increasingly long line.

The Redskins are the No. 1 story in the NFL this week. That normally is difficult to achieve if your record is 2-4. It is not so difficult if the team’s brass is stuck on dysfunction.

The talking heads around the NFL - a number of them with Super Bowl rings - find it odd that someone who was plucked from a bingo parlor two weeks ago is now in charge of the Redskins’ playbook.

That either does not say much for the quality of the playbook or Snyder.

It could lead to a whole change in terminology.

B-5, I-22, hut, hut-hut.

Bingo, anyone?

It is one thing to be a bad team. It is another to be a bad team with a serious clown element.

It has taken Snyder 10 years to nearly double the value of the franchise and reduce it to a punch line.

When Snyder assumed control of the franchise, he was big on accountability.

That meant all the secretaries and water boys had to go.

Snyder seemingly prides himself on being an all-knowing motivator. But no motivation is necessary in a league that lacks guaranteed contracts and can stick anyone on the waiver wire in a moment’s notice.

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