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“The call is harder but you don’t necessarily have to get it all,” Zorn said. “If you get a first down off your second-and-long play, great. I like to gain more than 1 or 2 yards on first down.”


1. Packers, Giants: 16

25. Redskins: 6

The Redskins were able to stretch the field early in the season before the offensive line began to break down; the team has lost left tackle Chris Samuels and right guard Randy Thomas for the season. Washington has allowed the sixth-most sacks in the league (17).

Since Samuels was injured, the Redskins have attempted only eight passes that traveled more than 15 yards (two completions).

“It’s important, not just for the sake of running 15-play drives all the time but for the sake of having a ‘Boom!’ — and showing that we can still do this and defenses see it on film,” receiver Antwaan Randle El said. “We showed big plays early on but now we’ve kind of fall off. We have to pick it back up.”

Santana Moss’ 59-yard touchdown catch against Tampa Bay is the Redskins’ only pass play longer than 42 yards in the last three games.

“You would like to get a couple per game to be among the top offenses,” said offensive assistant Chris Meidt, who coaches the quarterbacks. “Our goal is to take four-to-five shots a game and if you hit a couple, we’re where we want to be. We’ve had some this year where things haven’t quite worked out — protection, the throw, the route.”


1. Atlanta: 121.9

28. Redskins: 65.3

The Redskins have been outscored 52-23 in the first half this season and rarely has Campbell established the proper tempo until after halftime.

The team has many more first-half turnovers (seven) than touchdowns (two), and those two scores came on a fake field goal and a 13-yard drive following an interception.

Part of the early-season problem was the Redskins’ defense couldn’t get off the field. The offense had only one first-quarter drive against the Giants and only 19 first-half snaps at Detroit.

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