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But there were no excuses last week against Kansas City. The Redskins had six drives and the result was two turnovers, four punts and four first downs. And that’s when Campbell got benched.

“There were a couple of plays I wish I had back but a lot of it was because I had thoughts in my head that distracted me,” Campbell said. “I was thinking that with a lot of young guys on the offensive line and the new faces, I had to make quicker decisions than usual and sometimes that gets you in trouble. Instead of trying to do those things, I’ve got to trust the guys and let them do their job.”


1. Miami: 56.0 percent

27. Redskins: 29.7

The Redskins have held the time of possession advantage only once in six games and in the four defeats have run 20, 17, eight and 19 fewer plays.

Third down is a huge reason why the offense can’t sustain any consistency.

While the defense has gotten their third-down woes rectified, the offense is 2-of-10, 4-of-14, 2-of-9 and 2-of-14 in the last four games, a stretch where the team has compiled a 1-3 record.

The Redskins needed an average of 6.7 yards on third down last week, including seven third-and-longs (more than 8 yards).

“We have to do better on third down,” Zorn said. “That’s a critical down for us.”


1. Minnesota: 65.2 percent

26. Redskins: 40.0

The Redskins have six touchdowns in 15 red zone opportunities, including the 0-for-5 eyesore in the win over St. Louis.

Only St. Louis is worse than the Redskins in goal-to-go situations.

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