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Mr. Mitchell, who last year had an on-air spat with Redskins running back Clinton Portis (Riggins also has singled out Portis), has a Super Bowl ring. It’s from the Redskins’ last championship season, in 1991. Mr. Riggins, Mr. Theismann, former tight end Doc Walker, who has done his share of venting, and ESPN’s Mark Schlereth, another frequent critic, also won Super Bowls playing for coach Joe Gibbs.

Clearly, these are different times.

“You could say the Redskins have never given us an excuse to be able to express our opinions the way we have,” Mr. Theismann said. “We’re part of a different generation of football player. We lived and played in the same community. We took a lot of pride in what we did. For those of us who have stayed here, it’s killing us.”