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64 Kedric Golston 6-4 300 26 Georgia

92 Albert Haynesworth 6-6 350 28 Tennessee

94 Anthony Montgomery 6-6 330 25 Minnesota

96 Cornelius Griffin 6-4 303 32 Alabama

Analysis: Haynesworth was the big addition, and his impact won’t be realized until he plays a full game. In the preseason, he saw a steady diet of double teams even when he moved to right end on passing downs. Griffin should be productive in one-on-one matchups and not get as beaten-up. Golston and Montgomery will be part of the rotation, but they won’t play as much as they did last year because of Haynesworth and the use of Daniels on third down.


52 Rocky McIntosh 6-2 238 26 Miami (Fla.)

54 H.B. Blades 5-10 242 24 Pittsburgh

58 Robert Henson 6-0 242 23 TCU

59 London Fletcher 5-10 245 34 John Carroll

95 Chris Wilson 6-4 247 27 Northwood

98 Brian Orakpo 6-4 260 23 Texas

Analysis: Fletcher, McIntosh and Orakpo are the starters, and Blades returns as the backup in the middle. Wilson used a strong camp on special teams in his transition from defensive end to make the roster. Henson earned a roster spot in the Jacksonville game instead of Robert Thomas and Cody Glenn. Defensive coordinator Greg Blache said after Thursday’s game that one player played himself off the roster. It was either Thomas or Glenn.


20 Justin Tryon 5-9 183 25 Arizona St.

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