- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After reading Mark Steyn’s column (“The forgotten woman,” Opinion, Monday) on the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, I have to give him a big thumbs-up for exposing the weak and ugly face of the senator that was missing all last week in the various articles, special sections and eulogies about him. Nowhere did I see any article or special section on Mary Jo Kopechne and her death at the hands of this man. This was the very event, after all, that saved us from a Ted Kennedy presidency.

Mr. Kennedy was treated as a towering great man who left the world a better place. In reality, he was a monster who would not weep for the loss of a lesser human but sought to overcome the political damage from the untimely death of a young woman, merely for the sake of his career and power. He should not be eulogized as a great man. He should be remembered as a corrupt coward of low moral character who was unworthy to have walked among the rest of us.





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