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I recently met with Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and shared your combat-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) treatment concerns with him. He told me that he recently approved the purchase of a hyperbaric chamber for use in treating TBI patients at the Tampa Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center in Florida. “The VA will use this as a test in treating TBI patients to determine if there is any value in the use of the chamber as a method of patient care. We don’t know if it will result in any medical value, but if it helps our veterans feel better, that is good.”

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The Department of Veterans Affairs will be putting on a clinic for recently injured veterans later this month. It is bringing in professionals to teach these injured veterans how to sail, kayak, surf, cycle and enjoy other types of summer sports activities. The event will take place in San Diego. Veterans with amputations, head injuries and other disabilities will be relearning how to be active after sudden life-changing trauma. Details are available at the Web site: