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The early disclosure model would encourage doctors and hospitals to notify patients quickly of errors and promote mediation to settle issues of compensation. This system, which is used in several states, including Kentucky and Michigan, is designed to give medical professionals incentives not to conceal errors for fear of lawsuits.

An administrative resolution provides for medial experts to vet malpractice claims and reject frivolous lawsuits. The system has shown some success in Florida and other states.

A grant program for these types of projects is included in the House health care bill, though HHS already has the authority to pursue the projects.

“Don’t just say, we’ll meet you halfway on medical malpractice by trying to ‘encourage states’ to engage in alternative dispute resolution,” said Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl. “That’s not meeting us halfway.

The Arizona Republican said he did not think the president’s speech “advanced the bipartisan ball.”