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4. (up) Maybe this Kevin Kolb guy will turn out to be something after all. And DeSean Jackson. And LeSean McCoy. Point is, the Eagles aren’t just about Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook, since both were out Sunday and Philadelphia crushed Kansas City anyway. Oh, and they have Michael Vick.

5. (down) This is nothing new, but the Raiders stink. Lucky to beat the equally bad Chiefs in Week 2, Oakland couldn’t even hang with the Broncos on Sunday. That JaMarcus Russell experiment is working out well, too, as the former No. 1 pick threw for 61 yards (that’s no typo) against the Broncos.

Hot seat

Whose performance in Week 3 puts him in the spotlight for next week:

Eric Mangini

A couple of other coaches (cough, Jim Zorn) could be here, but Mangini has managed to cause even more embarrassment in Cleveland in just three games. There was the $1,701 fine for an unnamed player who took a $3 bottle of water from a hotel minibar, the mini-scuffle in the team’s locker room last week and then Brady Quinn being a total disaster.

Mangini has already shown he can A) be a jerk, B) lose control of his players and C) make terrible personnel decisions. He benched Quinn on Sunday in favor of Derek Anderson. If that change doesn’t produce better results, Mangini could be one-season-and-done with the Browns.

Team of the week

New York Giants

Sure, the Buccaneers are terrible, but you can only play who’s on your schedule and elite teams need to beat up on bottom-feeders. When it comes to that, the Giants don’t mess around.

Sunday’s 24-0 blanking of Tampa Bay was just the latest evidence that New York deserves consideration as the best team in the NFL. The one-two combination of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw brings up memories of how the Giants were able to roll through the playoffs and upset the Patriots two seasons ago. Also, Mario Manningham and Steve Smith have kept Plaxico Burress’ name from even coming up aside from court stories.

And then there’s the defense, which is scary. The Giants allowed a grand total of 86 yards by the Bucs, the fewest for New York since 1983 when it allowed 79 to the Eagles. That was also the last time the Giants had a road shutout.

Numbers game

Interesting stat from the Week 3 games:

1,000 Days between regular-season games for Michael Vick, who played in the Eagles’ win against the Chiefs on Sunday. Vick, who last played on Dec. 31, 2006, didn’t do a whole lot in his Philadelphia debut, running once for 7 yards and going 0-for-2 passing.

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