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He and Mr. Jones

As for Van Jones’ resignation, conservative bloggers were unanimous in calling the whole furor a defeat for the mainstream media, which hardly printed a word about Mr. Jones’ radical associations - he once called himself a communist, described the green economy as having a radical revolutionary kernel and supported cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

“If people relied on the mainstream media, especially print media, to keep up to date on the government, then they must have quite a shock this morning with the resignation of Van Jones. For instance, the New York Times makes its first mention of the Jones controversy this morning - by reporting his resignation,” said Ed Morrissey of Hot Air. “When did the New York Times - and to be fair, most other newspapers in the country - get around to reporting in print that a paranoid conspiracy theorist had a job as a White House czar? Today, after he quit.”

Mr. Jones’ interesting views, which had been fodder for Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart and others for weeks, came to a head last week when Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit reported that Mr. Jones also was a Sept. 11 “truther” who had signed a petition demanding an investigation of whether the George W. Bush administration had known of the terrorist attacks in advance but had let them happen in order to provide a pretext for war.

(Aside: This is also the latest example, contra blogger Matt Yglesias, of conservative bloggers doing “real reporting” that the mainstream media doesn’t. It’s a common enough charge that Michelle Malkin has a running archive of all the news stories broken by conservative bloggers.)

On Monday, Mr. Hoft had more direction for the mainstream media - namely the Obama administration’s vetting process, which once was tooted in the New York Times as “the most extensive - some say invasive - application ever.” Mr. Hoft posted PDF images of examples from the questionnaire that apparently Mr. Jones didn’t go through because he didn’t need Senate confirmation.

“Imagine Truther-communist cop-killer supporter Van Jones’ response to question number 8 … ‘Briefly describe the most controversial matters you have been involved with over the course of your career.’ Again, imagine communist-Truther Van Jones’ response to this question: ‘12.) Speeches: Please identify all speeches you have given. If available please provide the text or recordings of each such speech.’ ”

“If the Obama Administration had actually used this template to screen Van Jones, his controversial speeches, his past arrest, and his musical collaborations with cop-killers should have raised a red flag or two with the administration. Either Team Obama ignored Van Jones’ past; accepted and agreed with his past; or completely misrepresented their vetting process to the American public.”

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