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“I am angry, p–-d to know that this little boy is being charged as a juvenile,” said the woman, who in no way wants to be identified.

Two of the suspects are brothers — Orlando and Sanquan Carter, and, though adults now, they too had juvenile records.

People are sometimes too quick to blame parents for the actions of their children. The woman said with the suspects in and out of the system, blame the system, not the parents.

“It is my opinion that the system failed her as well,” the woman said.

What can parents to do?

If you’re in a state like Pennsylvania, you can petition to have your child’s case heard in juvenile court, which is what the father of the now-12-year-old did. But if you’re in D.C., parents can’t do much more than throw up their hands, while judges’ hands are tied.

The system isn’t the problem. The problem is the D.C. rule of law.

Children — especially those with bloody hands — must be held accountable.

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