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“It does not require teachers [who participate] to relinquish their tenure,” the analysis said.

Ms. Rhee’s New York counterpart, Joel Klein, has said he hopes the D.C. plan becomes a national model.

Union leaders have been holding several informational meetings with their members, who have to ratify the contract before D.C. lawmakers have their say. The tentative agreement calls for regular raises retroactive to 2007, when the teachers’ last contract expired.

D.C. teachers and other rank-and-file union members are scheduled to attend two meetings before voting on the contract. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday.

That is the same day D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray set as the deadline for the chancellor to respond to his April 15 letter that requested documentation on the school’s budget and finances, including letters from private donors pledging to help underwrite the merit pay plan.

Ms. Rhee said on Thursday that she will comply with Mr. Gray’s requests.