Fans in camp helping Chiefs train

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“That’s why I’m excited about having a bunch of guys around me that I feel real good with and real good working with,” Haley said. “It allows me to pay attention to (other) things. It’s a full-time job, but it’s fun.”

It also helps that Haley, the other coaches and the players have all had a year to get to know one another.

“Now we all know what to expect from him and what he expects from us,” guard Brian Waters said.

All around, there seems to be a feeling of familiarity that was missing last year in Wisconsin.

“What I feel good about is we’ve got a full year under our belt,” Haley said. “This is our second time around. We’re in a new place (in St. Joseph), and there’s some adjustment and learning any time you have a new situation.

“But the big thing is the players have a much better understanding of what I’m about. At this time last year they didn’t know much about me. And maybe more importantly, us as a coaching staff have such a better grasp of the players we have.”

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