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“I guess when you’re that first or second-round pick, people expect you to make a big impact and that’s not always the case,” Powers said. “Those two guys had a little more pressure than we did.”

So Brown and Moala went into the offseason determined to make amends.

Brown’s offseason work even impressed Manning, who singled him out after Tuesday morning’s practice.

“He showed some flashes of what he could do (last year), and we expect him to be a big contributor,” Manning said. “He’s very bright, he knows his protections, he’s really eager to come out here and have a good year and he was one of our hardest workers in the offseason.”

But the difference between this year and last has been enormous.

“I’m not thinking as much, and I know what I’m doing while I’m out there,” Brown said. “Now it’s fun. Now I can go out there and play ball and put my best foot forward everyday.”

Moala sees it the same way.

After spending more time studying the Colts defense and finding his own a comfort level, he’s back at camp with a new attitude, more confidence and a renewed vigor for the game that he thinks will eliminate last season’s image as a draft bust.

“Last year wasn’t what I expected, but I learned a lot from it,” Moala said. “Now I’m just having fun and I’m not so uptight. I’m just back to playing football again and having fun, and it’s a lot better than it was last year.”