- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Jeffrey T. Kuhner has again hit the nail on the head (“Radical Islam’s conquest of America,” Commentary, Friday). If the 13-story Islamic center is built two blocks from sacred ground zero, Muslims will flock to New York and take up residence there. Islamic extremists will be elected to office by the Islamic enclave and eventually, Shariah law will find its way insidiously into our system of government.

A Muslim sympathizer for a president and a politically correct New York City mayor will open doors for the eventuality of the Islamist way of life. Women in burqas will be rolling their tongues in shouts of glee, dancing in the streets of Muslim countries, and terrorists will be in awe at just how easy it was to conquer America. The Islamic center will be radical Islam’s Arc de Triomphe.


Berwyn Heights, Md.



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