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Women’s rugby added under Title IX

HARTFORD — Quinnipiac University plans to keep its women’s volleyball team and its competitive cheer squad as it follows a court order to bring its athletics programs into compliance with federal gender-equity requirements.

Quinnipiac also proposes adding women’s golf and rugby teams to provide more athletic opportunities for women under a plan filed Wednesday in federal court.

Several volleyball players and their coach sued Quinnipiac last year after it announced it would eliminate volleyball for budgetary reasons and replace it with a competitive cheer squad.

This summer a judge ruled cheerleading can’t be considered a sport for purposes of Title IX, the law mandating equal opportunities for female athletes. He ordered the school to keep the volleyball team and come up with a compliance plan.


Teen’s body found in flooded creek

DES MOINES — Searchers recovered the body of a teenage girl who died when raging floodwaters swept three cars off a road near Des Moines.

Polk County Deputy Keith Onley said divers recovered the body at 2:20 p.m. Wednesday, about 10 hours after the cars were washed off the road between Altoona and Mitchellville.

Deputy Onley said the girl’s body was found in a creek near the submerged cars. He declined to identify her.

Emergency crews were able to rescue 10 of the 11 people who had been in the cars when they were swept off the road about 4 a.m. They found them clinging to trees and hanging onto logs. Four were taken to the hospital.

Officials have said the fast-flowing waters hampered efforts to find the girl who died.


FBI captures ‘Granddad Bandit’

BATON ROUGE — A man dubbed the “Granddad Bandit” and suspected in 25 bank robberies in 13 states has been captured in Louisiana, the FBI said.

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