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“This is something I cannot accept,” he was quoted in local news reports as saying. “If you want, take the Millennium Challenge account and go to a country where they will accept these criticisms and insults.”

Sheila Herrling, MCC vice president of the Department of Policy and Evaluation, said the MCC has a unit that monitors the compact countries to track their performance on control of corruption and other governance indicators.

She said last week that the agency is on schedule to start funding the Senegal grants in September because Senegal has not exhibited a pattern of actions that would justify a termination, in terms of the government trying to undermine Senegalese accountability institutions, such as the courts and the media.

She said individual cases of opportunistic corruption would not trigger a suspension or revocation.

Mr. Pham said the aid should be delayed at least “until we get answers to some serious questions. There is no right to receive American tax dollars.”