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The city also is losing money in its prolific parking-ticket system. For the most part, D.C. residents can’t make a move regarding motor vehicle services if they have unpaid parking tickets, but that is not the case for out-of-towners and council members.

Now, Mr. Day said, the city isn’t even effectively going after out-of-state scofflaws. Either there is no memorandum of understanding with various states or the city isn’t enforcing its own laws.

“There’s no tracking mechanism, no reciprocity,” he said. “Other states catch up with us but we can’t track others down.”

As for other battles, Mr. Day said, the party is forging ahead on principle - not partisanship.

Last week, the D.C. Republican Committee urged D.C. Office of Campaign Finance to investigate whether Vincent C. Gray’s mayoral campaign violated city law with three advertisements that were published in the Hill Rag newspaper in June, July and August and for a fundraising invitation. Neither the ads nor the invitation stated who paid for them.

All campaign literature is “defined as any printed matter distributed with the intent to support or oppose candidates, initiatives, referenda, or recall measures,” according to the campaign finance website. “Campaign literature must be identified by the words ‘paid for by’ followed by the name and address of the payer or the committee or other person and its treasurer on whose behalf the materials appear.”

The D.C. Republicans running in September are hardly cookie-cutter Republicans.

They know the die was cast long ago, but today’s Republican candidates want to remind D.C. voters of their options and that they share with Democrats some of the same concerns. The Republican candidates in the other ward races - Marc Morgan in Ward 1, Dave Hedgpeth in Ward 3 and Jim DeMartino in Ward 6 - support school reform, making D.C. a greener city, innovative economic development and targeted social services, and want to combat government waste.

“I’m anti-gun and pro-choice,” said Mr. Day. “We’re not all Dick Cheney.”