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Saeeda Saleem Haqqani died in her sleep on Saturday at the age of 90. Mrs. Haqqani was born in 1920 in Bahrain, where her father was an officer in the British foreign service. At the time, Pakistan was still part of India, and India was the crown jewel of the British Empire.

She met her future husband, Muhammad Saleem Haqqani, in 1946 in Delhi. They later moved to Karachi during the tragic days of the partition of India in 1947. An estimated 14.5 million people crossed the border, with more than 7 million Muslims moving to the newly created nation of Pakistan and about the same number of Hindus and Sikhs relocating to India. The massive migration created tensions in both countries, leading to ethnic violence that claimed about 500,000 to 1 million lives.

Mrs. Haqqani became a prominent teacher in Karachi, where she promoted the education of girls. She retired in 1980.

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