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Regardless of who was playing on defense, the performance was a confidence booster all around.

“It definitely shows to myself as well as the coaching staff and other players that I belong, that I at least have some idea of what I’m doing out there,” Skelton said. “It kind of eases the rest of training camp and the rest of preseason.”

Up until the game, Hall probably had the edge on Skelton in training camp, particularly in his grasp of the offense. After all, he came from one of the most proficient passing offenses in college football.

“It’s tough but I’ve studied hard and I think I’ve got it down,” Hall said.

Skelton and Hall have been told the Cardinals want them both to be on the team.

“They’ve told me if I keep doing well they’re going to want to keep me,” Hall said, “so I’ve just got to worry about me and hope that’s the case and make them have to keep me.”