- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 19, 2010


The silence from Maryland’s political leadership was deafening when the news broke that Carlos Montano, an illegal alien, was arrested in Virginia for crashing into and killing an innocent Catholic nun while driving under the influence (“Suspect in fatal accident an illegal,” Page 1, Aug. 3).

Politicians in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, which are known sanctuaries for illegal aliens, are quite aware of the dangerous arrest-and-release policies used for drunken-driving and related cases involving illegal aliens. For counties that pride themselves on public health and safety issues such as cigarette-smoking bans, trans-fat elimination, fireworks restrictions, motorcycle and bicycle helmet requirements and severe drunken-driving regulations, this revolving-door policy for illegals stands out like a sore thumb.

A careful review of Montgomery County’s outstanding criminal and traffic warrants posted online reveals hundreds of alcohol-related arrests of illegals. In Prince George’s County, the problem is even more pronounced, with outstanding warrants numbering in the tens of thousands. Why does the solid bloc of Democratic politicians in both counties assume that illegal aliens cited for drunken driving and related automotive violations (such as driving without a license or insurance) would actually show up in court for their crimes?

These fugitives already broke the law getting to our state and have no respect for our system of justice. We all know too well that automobiles can be killing machines. For the safety of Maryland residents, it’s time to tighten immigration-enforcement restrictions to include all driving violations.


Director, HelpSaveMaryland.com

Rockville, Md.



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