SIMMONS: Palins, Sharptons to share day on the Mall of democracy

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“Y’all crawl over each other to paint a picture,” Big Mama said. “What’s sad is both groups of folks are sending the same message. They’re just so busy talking they can’t hear each other.”

Everyone doesn’t see eye to eye with Big Mama. Like the liberals and conservatives they cover as journalists, the media draw a fine politically correct line, she said.

“On one side stand reporters who think liberal politics sound the death knell for Joe the Plumber; on the other are reporters who think conservatives did in Joe Sixpack,” said Big Mama. “Both Joes were trying to make ends meet.”

“God plays a mighty role in the lives of the crowd that follows the Palin woman and that Al Sharpton,” she said. “Christians, the both of ‘em, and preachers, too. They like nothin’ more than preachin’ to the choir. Wonder whose pews they perch in come Sunday after the rallies. Wasn’t it Dr. King who said 11 o’clock Sunday mornings is the most segregated hour in America?”

Big Mama said she hopes there are no nasty scenes on the “great Mall of democracy” on Aug. 28.

“Remember Jim Crow’s kin turned hoses and dogs on blacks, Jews, Catholics, anybody who wasn’t just like them,” she said. “Every one of them folks on the Mall needs to remember that we can’t let nobody turn America around.”

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