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“I was just trying to focus on being a running back, but all that changed,” Johnson said.

Wingo turned heads during his freshman season with a 62-yard touchdown run against Texas A&M at the Dallas Cowboys’ home stadium, and Davis scored four times on his 33 carries last season.

If any of the running backs has stood out this month, the coaches are doing a good job keeping quiet about it. There’s been no indication what the depth chart might look like during the season, but all four backs figure to be in the picture _ as long as they pay attention to their assignments and help keep defenses off balance.

“You need a good group of running backs,” Petrino said. “They’re the group that takes all the hits in practice, they’re the group that takes all the hits during the season. They’ve kind of went back and forth. There is really no named starter right now. I think they’ve taken their turn at shining.”