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Baby steps.

“Now, I’m trying to get away from being so superstitious,” Ziemba said. “I drive myself crazy being as superstitious as I am. I have to win two Solitaire games on my phone before I get to the stadium on game day. If I don’t I’m panicking. I put my right shoe on, then my left shoe. I put my left knee brace on, then my right knee brace. I drive myself crazy being so superstitious, so I’m trying to break that.

“I listen to the same songs in the same order. Oh man, it’s ridiculous. It’s bad.”

Not surprisingly, the Arkansas native and avid fisherman is a big fan of country stars like George Strait and “anything Alan Jackson.”

Quarterback Cam Newton likes the long-haired look on the guy who protects his blind side.

“That’s his type of swag or whatnot,” Newton said. “Having a different hairstyle might be kind of obnoxious or crazy. But with Lee, it fits him perfectly.”

Besides, he adds, “I wouldn’t want no pretty boy trying to protect me.”