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Since Cowher retired after the 2006 season, the rest of the NFL has wondered whether he’ll show he can coach again. His name seems to come up whenever there is an opening, and Cowher isn’t going to quell that talk.

“I certainly will look into situations with open ears,” he said.

For now, he’s an analyst for CBS, which allows him to stay close to the game if he does choose to coach again _ or lets him fulfill his football cravings without returning to the field. At the network’s NFL media day Tuesday, he said his new colleagues have become family, just like it was with the Steelers, and he’d only leave for an ideal situation.

“I’m not sitting there lobbying for any one team,” Cowher said. “You know what? I always thought, you’ll know. When the time comes, you’ll know. Right now the season’s starting, and my thoughts aren’t on coaching. My thoughts are on trying to give great coverage.”

The familiarity of football season offers comfort for Cowher, whose his wife, Kaye, died of skin cancer a month ago. Cowher said he never considered taking time off.

“As all our family’s doing right now, we’re all kind of moving on with our lives. It’s the way my wife would have wanted it,” he said. “I’m just very thankful for everybody in America who reached out, sent e-mails, texts, the donations they’ve made to a couple of charities. It’s been very heartfelt, very sincere. I couldn’t be more grateful.”