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Omaha player personnel director Ted Sundquist was general manager of the Denver Broncos when they drafted Clarett in the third round in 2005. Limited by a groin injury, he was cut during the preseason.

“He’s truly on the path to trying to right his life and do what’s right,” Sundquist said Wednesday. “He has a little daughter and I know he’s very close to her mother.

“One of the things that really jumped out at me was the support he’s gotten from Jim Tressel, the fact he is back in school. everything in my conversation with him, as I compare and contrast it to the last time I spoke with him, said this guy deserves a second chance.”

Another one of his attorneys, Nick Mango, said this was a fresh start for his client.

“He’s ready to move on,” Mango said. “He’s been extremely anxious. He just wants to get out there and get going.”


AP Sports Writer Eric Olson in Omaha, Neb., contributed to this report.