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She has others, not just the Twilight crew. There’s Jake Gyllenhaal, who at 29 was “a nice piece of summer eye candy” in “Prince of Persia.” Downey especially liked the Entertainment Weekly spread featuring Bomer pouring a jug of water over his head, nicely soaking his white T-shirt.

“And he and his character have a pinch of naughty in the devastating smile,” she said.

With an upswing in grown-ups (yes, women) embracing books intended for teens, are moms thinking younger, or at least enjoying the freedom to express their still-young sides in ways June Cleaver was denied?

Fiedler’s Team Edward, though considers him bad boyfriend material for his younger fans. He encourages Bella to keep secrets from her family and ditch her old friends. He needs anger management counseling and the two are never happy. Besides, his family finds her “irresistible.” You be the judge.

“It’s not so much as a ‘lust’ thing as it is escaping from a hectic daily life and into their frivolous ones,” she said. “It’s this generation’s Romeo and Juliet _ forbidden love.”