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Rushing the passer was Zombo’s specialty in college, but switching to outside linebacker has presented him with new challenges. He played at nearly 270 pounds in college, and now is getting used to playing at about 250.

He also must be able to drop into pass coverage, something he said he did only once during his college career _ although it worked out pretty well, as he returned an interception for a touchdown.

Zombo also must become a contributor on special teams, something he didn’t do much of in college. And for now, he must do it all while nursing an ankle injury.

“The position I’m in, I’m a free agent fighting for a spot, there’s no room to sit out,” Zombo said.

Zombo said he appreciates the help he has received from teammates such as Brady Poppinga, Brandon Chillar and Matthews. For now, however, he must live with the daily possibility that he might be the next player cut.

“Every time I get a phone call from a 920 number, I’m like, ‘Is it my time? Am I going to get cut?’” Zombo said. “But I guess it’s good when they start dropping off and you’re still around. As long as you’re here, the most reps you can get and the most you can put on film, I guess that’s the best.”