Chinese dinosaur fossils making US debut in Ohio

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CINCINNATI (AP) - Dinosaur fossils discovered in a Chinese province are making their U.S. debut at an Ohio museum.

Officials at the Cincinnati Museum Center say the fossils include a rib and three vertebrae from a long-necked titanosaur (ty-TAN’-uh-sor). Scientists have used the fossils to identify a new species of sauropod (SOR’-uh-pahd) unique to China’s Henan Province region.

A fossilized nest of 26 eggs arranged in pairs and laid by an unknown species of the feathered, beaked oviraptorosaurs (oh-vee-rap-TOR’-uh-sorz) also will be on display when the exhibit opens Friday.

The items have not been displayed previously outside the Henan Geological Museum in China. They will be included in a new traveling “Dinosaurs Unearthed” exhibit of Chinese dinosaur fossils set to begin touring North America in October.

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