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“It would be awesome to make the team, and I truly hope I do, but my journey won’t be over regardless of what happens here.”

If No. 53 is on the 53-man roster in just over a week, he’ll likely join a U.S. Army Reserve Unit as a lieutenant.

If not?

“I’d probably take some time off and travel, but I wouldn’t mind getting back in uniform to continuing serve our country,” he said. “I was a foreign-area studies major with a focus on international politics and a minor in biomedical environmental engineering, so there are a lot of things I could do.”

Campbell is on the bubble to make the Lions‘ team just as numerous players are in Cleveland.

Browns coach Eric Mangini said the preseason game in Detroit is only one part of his evaluation process, deciding who to cut and keep.

“Really, I work off of a sheet that I’ve had since I’ve been a head coach,” Mangini said. “It’s kind of a worksheet based on how many you keep by position. … It’s not really just happening this week, it’s something that I look at every day or every other day.”