- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 3, 2010


As noteworthy as were President Ronald Reagan’s fiscal policies, the quality that most distinguished him from President Obama was his disdain for dividing Americans into interest groups to be herded into his camp when convenient and pitted against each other when useful(“Remembering ‘Morning in America,’” Commentary, Thursday). While Reagan held strong beliefs, he also understood that he was president of all Americans, even those who disagreed with him. When he had to fight political battles, he was a happy warrior, not a vindictive one. Mr. Obama gives the impression that his role is to cater to those interest groups with whom he’s aligned, and the devil take the rest. Is it any wonder that scorned constituencies are up in arms? Make the numbers work, by all means - but America ought to be more than dollars and cents, and that’s the real lesson we should learn from Ronald Reagan.


Plymouth, Mich.



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