- - Monday, August 30, 2010


Wrongful arrest of terror suspect claimed

OTTAWA | The defense attorney for one of four suspects in an alleged terror plot accused police on Monday of detaining his client on unrelated charges to further their terrorism investigation.

Aswo Peshdary, 20, was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Friday and questioned for up to eight hours, attorney Richard Morris told Agence France-Presse.

The call center employee was ordered released on bail the next day, but was then promptly rearrested by the Ottawa Police Service and charged with assault and uttering threats.

“It is unusual,” said Mr. Morris. “If you look at the surrounding circumstances, it’s difficult to come to a conclusion other than he’s being detained to further another investigation.”

Three others already had been arrested last week in police raids on their suburban homes in Ottawa and London, Ontario.

The trio were charged under Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act with conspiracy, possessing materials for explosives and making property or financial services available to a terrorist group.


Rio offers visitors tour of its slums

RIO DE JANEIRO | Tourists usually try to run from Rio’s notorious slums. Now officials are inviting them to come visit instead.

The Santa Marta shantytown on Monday became the first community in a program meant to promote tourism in the neighborhoods that are home to some unique music and artwork.

The program, “Rio Top Tour: Rio de Janeiro in a Different Perspective,” also rewards communities like Santa Marta that have been cleared of the violent drug gangs that have long made Rio’s crowded hillsides famously dangerous.


Fidel Castro says he was near death

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