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HAVANA | Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro told an interviewer that there were times during his long illness when he was at death’s door but now he is mostly recovered and trying to avert nuclear war.

Mr. Castro, 84, told Mexico’s La Jornada in an interview published Monday that he was in such bad shape after falling ill four years ago that he no longer “aspired to live, much less anything else.”

He said he asked himself “if those [doctors] were going to let me live in those conditions or if they were going to let me die.”

“Then I survived but in very bad physical condition,” said Mr. Castro, who underwent emergency surgery in July 2006 for an undisclosed intestinal illness, and then underwent several more operations.


Climber’s body found 21 years after fall

MONTREAL | The body of a U.S. mountain climber has been discovered in the Rocky Mountains in Canada’s western Alberta province, 21 years after he disappeared, Canadian media reported Sunday.

Two hikers discovered the body of William Holland, of Maine, about two weeks ago, the reports said. He disappeared in 1989 in Banff National Park.

Holland’s body and mountaineering equipment reportedly were preserved by the freezing conditions at the site, and when the ice melted there this summer, his corpse was revealed.

Holland, who was 38 when he disappeared, was climbing Snow Down mountain when he fell about 300 yards.

His climbing partners quickly alerted emergency services, but the search was called off the next day because of an avalanche.

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