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The Quinnipiac University poll finds the same percentage of New Yorkers want Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to investigate sources of funding for the project in Lower Manhattan.

Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat running for governor, has said little about the issue. He said the mosque project is protected by the Constitution, although he will investigate if concerns are found.

The poll finds 53 percent of registered voters feel the Muslim developers shouldn’t be allowed to build a couple of blocks from ground zero. About the same number said they have a right to proceed.

The poll mirrors the findings of other polls, which show New Yorkers agree that the Muslims have a constitutional right to build a mosque anywhere they want. But a majority of New York voters polled so far say ground zero, the site of nearly 3,000 deaths on Sept. 11, 2001, is different.

The poll finds 54 percent of New Yorkers agree that the Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of religion allows the mosque to be built near ground zero. Forty percent disagree.

But 53 percent feel that because of the “sensitivities of Sept. 11 relatives,” Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to build a mosque near ground zero. Thirty-nine percent disagree.


Army to probe deaths of infants

FORT BRAGG | Two unexplained infant deaths at the same address last year have prompted the Army to review all unexplained infant deaths of infants at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg in the past four years.

Brig. Gen. Michael Garrett said Tuesday that the military is determined to solve the anomaly of the deaths of children younger than 1 year.

The infants who died in April and July 2009 were not identified and were from different families, but lived at the same address.

Since January 2007, eight other infants have died in base housing. Investigators have found no common factor in the causes of death.

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command is looking for contributing factors, such environmental or structural problems.


Priest accused as dad faces defrocking

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