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Terrelle has a good confidence about himself instinctively,” he said. “I also think that he has a tough standard of excellence that he puts on himself. I think he’s grown into understanding that this is a journey and that every moment is not an end-all moment.”

With increased understanding of what’s going on around him on the field, Pryor has gained a lot of respect from his teammates.

“Last year TP was kind of just playing off his freshman year and still wasn’t really sure of what was going on,” cornerback Devon Torrence said. “But this year, man, he’s very decisive when he’s out there. He understands the whole package, what everybody’s doing. And checkdowns. He’s calling out the defense and the stunts and the blitzes and everything and he knows who the hot receiver is.”

No wonder with a new season looming, Pryor feels as if he’s at a crossroads.

“I’m very anxious, I’m a little nervous,” he conceded. “But I also think we’re ready.”